Complete order creation and fulfillment with Online Business Centre

Benefits At-a-Glance

  • Migrates customers to low-cost Internet self-serve
  • Decreases call centre traffic and data processing errors
  • Enables single view of all customer interactions
  • Increases customer insight and retention
  • Enhances customer satisfaction

Business Challenge

You face demands from increasingly sophisticated customers to process more transactions online.

Innovapost Solution

In the late 1990s, Canada Post customers began to demand a faster and more comprehensive online transaction experience. Customers wanted a single location for information and transaction tools as well as the ability to follow the transaction process from beginning to end.

The answer was the award-winning Canada Post Online Business Centre (OBC), an end-to-end automated tool for order creation and fulfillment. The OBC features a business-to-business store with fast and easy access to order templates, a catalogue of Canada Post items, multiple payment options, and order tracking support.

Also included in the OBC is an integrated suite of services that enables customers to monitor account balances, track paid and unpaid items, and view and pay invoices. The OBC electronic shipping tool takes the process one step further with flexible methods for creating manifests and statements of mailing. Besides eliminating the need for paperwork, this tool adds convenient options such as mailing list management, mail-ready artwork creation, proof of delivery, and order tracking.

Another range of tools was included with the individual customer in mind, including a search option for postal outlets and postal codes and a tool for tracking the delivery status of shipments and parcels.

The OBC has significantly transformed how customers do business with Canada Post—and the results are getting noticed. The innovation helped Canada Post win Gartner’s Customer Relationship Management Award in 2002, competing against almost 200 companies across three continents.