Career Development

Be expert. Be innovative. Be yourself.

Careers at Innovapost can develop in either a Management or a Technical stream, although employees have the freedom to move across the two streams and such movement is not uncommon.

As well, Innovapost’s horizontal corporate structure leaves ample room for employees to touch all aspects of the business, work directly with senior management, and create a varied and rewarding career experience.

Technical stream

In the Technical stream, Innovapost technology experts are highly valued, integral to our success, and well versed both in the latest IT innovations and in legacy systems. In addition to formal training opportunities, Innovapost has established technical Centres of Excellence and Forums to facilitate knowledge transfer and encourage collaboration.

What else sets Innovapost apart? Our technical experts have the opportunity to move out from behind their desks and work directly with our clients.

Management stream

In the Management stream, our analysts, project managers, and consultants are typically client-facing and engaged in designing and delivering solutions that help our customers manage and grow their business.

Whether employees choose to follow the Management or Technical stream (or move within the two), each team member is counted on to stretch the boundaries, challenge assumptions, continually update his or her knowledge, and help shape the company’s business strategy.

Entrepreneurial culture

Innovapost has an entrepreneurial perspective that helps attract and retain talented professionals from across the IT industry. In an environment both client-centric and driven by learning, Innovapost employees are intelligent, innovative, technically astute, and well-rounded. Our ethnic diversity is matched by a diversity of experience both inside and outside the mail and logistics industry.

Diverse training opportunities

All Innovapost employees are allotted a training budget and urged to take ownership of their career development, while frequent performance reviews provide opportunity to assess progress and address skill gaps that may arise. Innovapost also provides a series of professional development courses designed to help employees develop soft business skills such as leadership, communications, decision-making, and customer service.