Innovapost Contributes Close to $6000 to Shepherds of Good Hope Families

November 19, 2011

This past December, Innovapost’s annual Shepherds of Good Hope (SGH) campaign took on a different approach than in previous years.  Adopting a company-wide raffle with the grand prize of a flat screen TV and equally exciting early bird raffle prizes brought a renewed excitement to the program. And it proved to be very successful! With the company’s generous donation, Innovapost employee donations and the fundraising efforts across ALL offices combined, we managed to generate close to $6000 for families in need in our community. Amazing!

The following breakdown shows where the money was directed:

  • $3,800 direct support to 16 families with the SGH Christmas Hamper Program
  • $1,941 direct donation to SGH Ottawa
  • $235 to Toronto Children’s Aid
  • $5,976 TOTAL CONTRIBUTION                                      

A big thank you goes out to the planning committee and the volunteers for assisting with the fundraising activities. Thank you to all employees for your support. You’re contributions have gone a long way to helping out those in need!